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How To Sell With Us

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Our mission is to extend the lifecycle of genuine authenticated luxury items and collectibles. Selling with AuthenticBay is easy. Just ship your items to us and we will do the rest. 

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Do you buy items directly?

No. Our business is based on consignment. We sell items on your behalf.


What brands do you accept?

We offer a growing catalog of luxury and designer brands. We accept brands found in our online store and most premium and luxury items whose condition meets our standards for consignment.


What items do you accept?

We accept handbags, clothing, watches, shoes, jewelry, collectibles and other accessories. Items should be in new, near-new, or excellent condition.


Do I need to clean my items?

Yes, all items must be clean. If we discover stains or flaws which may affect an item’s saleability, the item will be cleaned or repaired at the consignor’s expense or returned.


What is the consignment process?

Once we receive your item, we will assess its condition and authenticate it. If it is accepted for consignment, we will send you a consignment receipt. We will then post your item on our website with clear photographs and a detailed description.


How do you price items?

We strive to achieve the best possible results for our consignors. We price items based on our fair market valuation and knowledge of current market demand for pre-owned items (see Consignment Commission Rate Sheet). We reserve the right to adjust our listed price to achieve a sale on your behalf should the right selling opportunity arise. If an item has not sold within six months, we may reduce the price, depending on the brand, the interest in the item and market conditions.

Will I be notified if my item sells?

We will contact you via email when your item sells. You may contact us any time by email, text message, or by calling us.


How much do I earn when my item sells?

You will receive payment based on the consignment rate minus any applicable fees which may include sales tax.


How will I be paid?

Once your item sells, you may will receive payment based on the method you specified when listing the item. A sold item will be qualified for payment three weeks after the date of its sale, to exclude the possibility of its return by the buyer.


How long will you keep my items?

We keep items for up to two years. You reserve the right to request the item be delisted and returned after 6 months. However, items cannot be taken back by you before the end of the season specified on your consignment receipt. Our minimum consignment period is 6 months.