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Fendi - Nylon Mamma Baguette

  • $828

Tags: Fendi-8151

This Fendi Nylon Mamma Baguette features a Black Nylon canvas body in size 21-27-11-18 for 690 in AB condition.

Type: Pre-owned

Inclusions: -

Brand: Fendi

Condition: The exterior front is moderately sticky. The exterior front is lightly worn. The exterior back is moderately sticky. The exterior bottom is moderately sticky. The exterior handle is lightly scratched. The exterior corners is lightly worn. The zipper is lightly tarnished. The zipper is lightly rusty. The screw is lightly tarnished. The screw is lightly rusty.

Gender: Women

Material: Nylon canvas

Color: Black

Dimensions: 21-27-11-18

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